Corrosion In Metal: How To Prevent It


Corrosion refers to the tendency for metals to return back to their original condition.

Contact with vapors, gases or other liquids can lead to a chemical reaction. The dry environment reaction is often associated with high temperatures.

In liquid atmospheres that are sprayed or submerged, an electrochemical reaction or humid-environment reaction occurs.

Corrosion is a process that returns materials to a thermodynamically stable condition by their interaction with other substances in the environment, especially oxygen. This is the state in which the materials are transformed by the metallurgic process.

Technology's most popular metals have a high affinity for oxygen. Their corrosion process is solely dependent on "oxidation". Some metals are more susceptible to oxidation than others.

Because of their low affinity for oxygen, metals such as gold and platinum are very resistant to oxidization. Iron, for example, oxidizes easily because of their high affinity to oxygen. These metals are called noble metals.


Different forms of attack can be attributed to the electrochemical nature corrosion. They are determined by a succession of environmental, geometrical, and mechanical factors. It is crucial to identify the type of corrosion in order to diagnose the cause and prevent, control and protect the element.

This is how the corrosion classification works:

- Generalized corrosion

- Localized corrosion

- Selective Corrosion

Generalized corrosion is a generalized attack on the entire metal surface. It results in a faster or slower slimming of metallic walls when the electrolyte comes into contact. It can be divided into generalized, uniform, and generalized non-uniform corrosions depending on how uniform the surface attack is.

Cavity formation is caused by localized corrosion, which affects only a small portion of the metallic surface. These cavities can be referred to by their external dimensions and depths. They are called critical, craters or pittings depending on how severe they are. Sometimes, the punctures or pitting can be quite penetrating. Depending on whether it follows or goes through the grain's edge, the cricca (or fissure) can be either intergranular or transgranular.

Selective corrosion results in the preferential dissolution a portion of the metal that is more easily attacked for chemical or metallographic purposes.

If the corroded material produces certain crystallographic species within the grain borders or in the immediate adjacent zone, we can call it intergranular, crystallographic or interdendritic.

Dealloying is another form of selective corrosion. It occurs when one of the two components of an alloy is confirmed to have preferentially disintegrated, leaving a inconsistent and frothy residual of the other metal.

Control and prevention methods:

There are several methods to prevent corrosion in the construction industry. These include the use of special materials that resist corrosion, the application of inert barriers like paint, methods of cathodic and anodic protection, adjustments to the electrolyte's chemistry, specific inhibitors to control the corrosion, and the use of anticorrosive systems.

A set of anticorrosive components is composed of two parts. This barrier acts as an anticorrosive system and protects against external factors.

These are the components of an anticorrosive device:

First, the primer or base, which is responsible for providing the system with enough adhesion to the substrate. It also acts as a cathodic corrosion inhibitor due to its high zinc content.

- The finishing is a layer or film that protects against the environment and complements the system.


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