Effects of Corrosion on a Material's Tensile Strength and Flexibility

A pipeline coating is a low-cost solution to maintain pipeline integrity. Polyurea coatings present a constant protective lining that helps save pipelines from the damaging results that corrosion produces. Pipeline coatings are one of the most reliable corrosion prevention methods used within the industry today.

Understanding What Pipeline Coatings Are

Pipeline coatings are typically used to counter the adverse effects of corrosion on pipeline operation, capacity, and costs. 

Uncoated pipelines that are immersed in seawater are prone to corrosion. Although the corrosion debris from these pipelines can be removed, the disposal of these fragments can be detrimental to the environment. Therefore, strict regulations have been implemented, including the practice of implementing pipeline coatings. This hinders the formation or reformation of corrosion. Pipe coating applications are regarded as a standard practice and present the following benefits:

  • Improved gas flow - A smoother surface results in enhanced flow capacity. Various studies have shown that the flow capacity of coated pipelines is far better than uncoated ones.
  • Faster inspection and commissioning - Coated pipes dry faster than uncoated pipes. This means that commissioning can be faster and easier on the line. Any robotic inspection is also simplified with the enhanced versatility of equipment through a coated pipeline.
  • Decreased cost of energy - This is particularly true in terms of compressors and pumping stations. Pipelines that are internally coated could create a vast difference in lowering the costs of compression and pumping over the pipe's lifespan. This can increase financial payback in three to five years, which means significant savings.

Other than these advantages, pipeline coatings can also decrease the need for inhibitors and promote clean delivery of the product. So, this can act as a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative for corrosion control that extends ample and reliable protection.

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